Vanderbilt University

Ph.D. (Management), 2010. Owen Graduate School of Management

Australian Graduate School of Management

MBA, 2004

New York University

Coursework on Exchange, Partnership in International Management Program. Stern School of Business

Northwestern University

BA (Economics), 1990. Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences


University of Virginia: Darden School of Business

Senior Director, Ventures

2016 – present

University of Virginia: McIntire School of Commerce

Assistant Professor; Director, Galant Center for Entrepreneurship


Washington and Lee University: Williams School of Commerce, Economics, and Politics

Assistant Professor of Business



In the years prior to my academic position, I founded or held management and advisory roles in a series of startups, resulting in experience across the life cycle of new ventures — from idea to acquisition, and at times failure.

Advisory roles: Agents Arts (acquired by FAST/Microsoft), JBTV (acquired by Launch/ Yahoo!),, and others.

STRTG : Founder

Research consultancy. Clients have included startups, music rights organizations, and Fortune 100 companies.

Engadget/Joystiq : Editor – Instigator

Helped startup the games-focused site Joystiq within the Engadget brand. AOL acquired Engadget (Weblogs Inc) in 2005.

Community Development Venture Capital Alliance : Research assistant

Conducted research into the community of investors seeking a blend of both social and financial returns.

Whirligig : Founder

Founded this online distributor of music rights.

Kick, Inc : Senior Director of Marketing

Led marketing for this media personalization platform. Sony acquired Kick in 2001. : Founder

Founded and developed beta version of this online venue for user-generated videos. The year was 2000, a bit too early for online video.

Sonique : Director of Marketing

Led the marketing and content development for this leading media player. Lycos acquired Sonique in 1999.

Noisebox : Founder

Developed one of the first music subscription services online, offering both free and paid service models. Sonique acquired Noisebox in 1999.

Vega : Founder and Market Maker

Market maker in currency options, member Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Trading portfolio/volume of approximately $100million equivalent.

Futrex Trading Partnership : Assistant Trader and Market Maker


My research interest could be summed up in a single word: opportunity. I am particularly interested in how opportunity emerges from disruption, as from automation or new technologies. This sort of work has implications for theory, policy, and practice. As a result, I have been lucky enough to not only publish in academic venues, but also write for and speak in policy and practice venues. I have also been interviewed and/or cited by media outlets such as: Financial Times, BBC, WIRED, Billboard, Congressional Quarterly, and the Guardian..

Articles, Books, or Book Chapters

DiCola, P. & Touve, D. (2014). Licensing in the shadow of copyright. Stanford Technology Law Review, 17, 397-459.

Chen, Y. & Touve, D., (2011). Conformity, political participation, and economic rewards: The case of Chinese private entrepreneurs. Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 28(3), 529-553. DOI: 10.1007/s10490-009-9171-2

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Industry or Policy Reports

Touve, D. (2012). Music Startups and the Licensing Drag. Music Business Journal, 8(2), 1-5.

Touve, D. (2012). The innovation paradox: How licensing and copyright impact digital music startups. Prepared for: National Association of Recording Merchandisers.

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Touve, D., & Tepper, S. (2007). Leisure in America: Searching for the Forest Among the Trees. Prepared for: Getty Leadership Institute, Cultural Organizations and Changing Leisure Trends.


Touve, D. (2013). MOOCs, MOODs, and the future of higher education. Huffington Post – Education, January 25, 2013.

Touve, D. (2012). MOOC’s contradictions. Inside Higher Ed, September 11, 2012.

Book Reviews

Touve, D. (2010). Book Review: Collective Licensing at the ISP Level (PDF). New Matter 35(4), p. 41,43.

Course Materials

Touve, D. (2012). Founders’ agreements. Teaching Note.

Touve, D. (2011). The sources of startup funding. Teaching Note.

Touve, D. (2011). The varieties of equity. Teaching Note.

Touve, D. (2011). Term sheets and preferred shares. Teaching Note.

Touve, D. (2011). The varieties of debt. Teaching Note.



Touve, D. (2013). The startup paradox: An investigation at the intersection of opportunity and enterprising individuals. Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Orlando.

Touve, D. (2012). Start Making Sense: Understanding Information Processing within Augmented Organizations. Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Boston.

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Tepper, S., Hargittai, E., Touve, D. (2005). Have you tried this yet? How college kids sample new music and books. Annual meeting of the Eastern Sociological Association, Washington.

Policy and Practice

Touve, D. (2015). The business of the future of music. Slush Conference. Helsinki, Finland

Touve, D. (2014). Half-pennies from Heaven or Hell: The rockonomics of sales, spins, and stream. Eurosonic-Noorderslag Conference. Groningen, Netherlands.

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Touve, D. (2012). What is free? Song Summit. Sydney, Australia.

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Panel: What borders? Music licensing, cultural preservation and artist compensation in an increasingly international marketplace. 2009 Future of Music Policy Summit panel, Washington D.C.


Research Roundtable on the Law and Economics of Digital Markets

Searle Center on Law, Regulation, and Economic Growth, Northwestern Law School

Berkman/Berklee Rethink Workshop, 2012

(Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Harvard Law School)

Berkman/Berklee Rethink Workshop, 2011

(Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Harvard Law School)

Social Computing Symposium, 2008

(funded by Microsoft Research)

Doctoral Consortium, OCIS division of Academy of Management, 2008

(funded by the National Science Foundation)

Research Institute for the Science of Socio-Technical Systems, 2008

(funded by the National Science Foundation, Yahoo and Microsoft)

West Coast Research Symposium on Technology Entrepreneurship, 2007

(Funded by the Kauffman Foundation)

Doctoral Consortium, OMT division of Academy of Management, 2007


Startup (ENTP1010). University of Virginia, Undergraduate level. Course grew from one section of 50 students to six sections per year serving over 300 students.

Entrepreneurship (COMM4680). University of Virginia, Undergraduate level.

Strategic Management. Washington & Lee University, Undergraduate level.

Social Entrepreneurship. Washington & Lee University, Undergraduate level.

Wicked Problems. Washington & Lee University, Undergraduate level.


Entrepreneurship Advisory Council, University of Virginia. 2014-present.

Young African Leaders Initiative, U.Va. Curriculum Committee. 2013.

Academy of Management Teaching Conference, Steering Committee. 2012-2013.

OMT division of the Academy of Management, Teaching Committee. 2007-2011. Committee Chair. 2012-2014.

Future of Music Coalition, Research Advisory Committee. 2011-2013

Washington and Lee University, University Library Committee. 2010-2011; 2012-2013.